Message To Our Community

Due to the seriousness of Covid-19 we are doing our part to protect our Clients and local communities. The health and safety of our Clients and communities are our top priority. We kindly ask everyone visiting LiLiT Homes listed properties or any other properties to stay away of touching surfaces to minimize the risk of transmission. Signs would be placed in listed properties and we'll be advising our Sellers to clean the surfaces and wash their hands regularly. Almost all of LiLiT Homes properties will be open to public virtually 24/7 ( and open houses will be virtual for a time being. If you are a Buyer, try to avoid visiting open houses and instead schedule your individual visit to the property to minimize interaction with multiple visitors. For LiLiT Homes Buyers disposable gloves would be supplied upon request.

I’m here to answer your questions or show you any of our properties, call me at 416-816-5514!

We are all in this together, let's work together and put this virus in the past.